Welcome to Our Wanderlove

I decided to start a little blog about planning a destination wedding for a number of reasons. The main reason being that there really aren’t that many blog dedicated to planning. I was shocked! Especially since according to this wedding infographic (I secretly love these things), 24% of couples plan destination weddings. Where are all the planning blogs then?

The blogs that I have come across are mainly for inspiration; photos of reception table set-ups and ceremony programs. Which is fantastic but…what about the hard stuff? Like dealing with the invariable issues with family members and friends that weddings tend to bring out. Those things aren’t just reserved for at home weddings. Oh no, I have already had to deal with my fare share of rude relatives and flaky friends and the wedding date is still a year away. 

If anything, I think destination weddings bring about their own sets of challenges that most people are not aware of. Through this blog, I hope to help others work through those challenges. Or at least give them something to laugh about. Either or works for me. 

So spread the word and get ready for some destination wedding discussions. And pictures. It would be a boring blog without pictures.


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