The “B” Word

No, not that one. I’m talking about the worst “B” word related to weddings.

Okay, no, it’s not bridezilla either. Actually, there’s quite a few “B” words related to weddings…


One of the more frustrating aspects of planning a wedding is fitting every detail of that special day into some sort of category with some sort of monetary amount attached to it.

What makes matters even trickier for those of us planning a destination wedding is that there is one element that is so key to our weddings that are quite often absent from the generic spreadsheets out there in the vast reaches of the internet. The category for TRAVEL. Yes, travel is not listed for the majority of budgets out there.

That means that when you find one of those lovely online budget calculators that takes whatever your total budget is and separates it into different categories with various percentages, that your budget is wrong because the travel costs are not included. For the majority of destination weddings, this is problematic. Because most people travel elsewhere for a destination wedding.

Otherwise… it wouldn’t be called a destination… wedding…

So, after searching the internet in vain for a wedding budget specifically for destination weddings, I decided to make my own. I even have percentages and everything. So pro.

Colour coded and everything!

You may notice that my budget doesn’t actually add up. We’re over by $6,100. I am unconcerned at this point. Our reception and ceremony costs are budgeted for 50 people, and I highly doubt we will have that many people attend.

Also, there is this lovely little thing called group travel bonuses.

As we get closer to the big day and more money starts leaving our bank accounts, I’ll do some updated budget posts so the world can see how our budget it working out. I have good faith in this little budget.


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